10 Best Massage Tools For Relaxation [2021]

Whether you are actively in the gym or just need a bit of relief from the office strain, getting a massage gun can be tremendously beneficial for your physical and mental health.

In this overview, we have found 10 of the Best Massage Tools to aid in giving you the highest level of relaxation and overall stress relief. This year has already shown itself to be stressful enough without any reduction in sight. Might as well find a way to feel better about it.

1.Theragun Pro

Starting with the best of the best, the Theragun Pro is what the professional use for top-tier performance. While the most expensive on this list, its quiet and deep muscle treatment make it worth every penny.

2.Theragun Elite

With over 120 minutes of battery life, an ergonomic multi-grip, and the use of ultra-quiet and advanced sound insulation, this massage gun is easily one of the best of the best available.

3.Theragun Prime

Smart and simplified, the Theragun Prime is the literal standard minimum you should expect in a massage gun. While not on the level of the most powerful options on this list, the Theragun Prime ensures you are hitting the deep spots and tearing at your tension so that you feel amazing.

4.Theragun Mini

Both, incredibly portable as well as surprisingly powerful, the Theragun Mini is the compact massage gun you didn't realize you needed. Take it with you everywhere for a quick and intense session.

5.Large Ball

The perfect add-on attachment for your massage gun, the Large Ball works for larger muscle groups like the quads and the glutes while being designed for low impact levels and larger surface areas.


Made from closed-cell foam, the Dampener is an excellent addition for those with tender areas or for overall general use.

7.The Work From Home Set

The perfect all-inclusive at-home massage set, The 'Work From Home Set' will have you feeling great in between your back-to-back video calls and the 30+ emails you just got.

8.The Starter Set

If you don't know where to start, consider the Starter Set. It includes the Theragun Prime as well as numerous guided routines in the Therabody app.

9.Recover Anywhere Bundle

From the gym to the office, to right at home, this bundle ensures you are covered for a proper recovery session no matter where you are. It comes with both a Theragun Mini as well as a Pro.

10.The Theragun Lover Set

If you're someone that has used the Theragun brand before, you know the quality. This small set (includes a Theragun mini as well as a Duo Adapter Dampener Set) is perfect for helping show others just how amazing they are too.

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