12 After Fitness Body Care Tools From Theragun

We have to be just as mindful about our recovery as much as we are during our fitness journey. Fitness is important, but a fatigued body will endanger exactly that. Here are 12 after fitness tools that prioritize health, safety, and body care. Help your body work for you for recovery and restoration with Theragun’s product and topical treatments.

1. Sleep CBD Tincture

Having trouble sleeping after fitness-centered activities? Cure your insomnia with this helpful treatment. As you all know, sleep is how we can achieve a healthy body that can handle the stress we deal it. Cure your insomnia with $80.00.

2.Revive CBD Body Balm (Stick)

Are you feeling a sharp pain on any of your joints after a rigorous workout session? This easy topical balm will soothe that quickly and with no fuss, eliminating the need to dig into a pot and creating a mess post-workout. Buy one for $75.00.

3.Revive CBD Body Balm (Jar)

If you aren't fond of the stick form and like this product displayed were easily accessible so you get a great amount of its Cannabidiol properties that relieve tension and pain. Dig in for only $65.00.

4.Activate CBD Lotion

This lotion is for before you hit the gym so you're sure you're safe and painless, so you can feel the burn without actually feeling the burn. After fitness care is important, but prepping yourself is just as important. Buy this lotion for $49.00.

5.Recover CBD Lotion

After-care is important, and when it comes to after-fitness recovery, you can count on Theragun to ease that after-burn. Soothe tightened muscles and tension for just $49.00.

6.Soothe CBD Massage Oil

This one isn't just for the weight lifters and avid workout community. This massage oil is for anyone that's had a really long day and needs a good back rub. Give your local masseuse this mixture and replace your typical massage oils for better and guaranteed recovery. Buy it for $65.00.

7.Theragun Mini

For just $199, you can have a mini version of the Theragun that you can take anywhere. It's small, silent, and can even be used while you're in the office if any of your muscles or bones are sore.

8.Theragun Mini Stand

Since Theraguns and their mini variant is stylish and minimalist in terms of design, you can put it up in your office or display it at home like the high-tech gadget that it is. Buy this stand for only $29.00.

9.Theragun Battery Charger

These massage tools are the best for after fitness for the basic reason that it's portable thanks to its battery life. Take it anywhere and recover anywhere. Get it for your Theragun for $49.00.

10.Pro/Elite Travel Charger Set

Theraguns are portable and that's without exaggeration because they made available various charger head types for your Theragun. This set costs $29.00.

11.Theragun Supersoft Attachment

Not all attachments are for rough muscle therapy. This one is centered on body care with its foam body for your softer muscles. Buy it for $30.00.

12.The Better Sleep Set

Why choose just one product. Buy several at once to be sure of after fitness recovery and body care. This set includes the Theragun elite, the sleep tincture, and the massage oil. Buy this set for $574.00.

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