The Top 3 Exercises For Improved Strength

Finding difficulty in putting on size is an issue many people who go to the gym have. They often wonder why they struggle to see

Finding difficulty in putting on size is an issue many people who go to the gym have. They often wonder why they struggle to see significant changes to their bodies when they exercise almost every day. It may even bother certain individuals so much that they are left demoralized to even go to the gym.

Thankfully, there is a way to amend that problem, and it starts with the “Big 3”. The big 3 that I am referring to are the bench press, deadlift, and squat. These 3 compound exercises are the key to packing on size and mass. There is a reason why gym enthusiasts love to brag about how heavy they can lift on these 3 exercises.

Let us start with the bench press. This exercise is a staple of everybody’s chest and triceps workout and will ensure you maximize the ability of your upper body. There are many different ways to perform the bench press. The traditional method helps develop your chest, shoulders, and triceps, the incline method puts more emphasis on your upper chest, the declining method helps develop your lower chest, and you can even perform narrow grip bench presses which will work your forearms and triceps. Hitting the bench at least twice a week will ensure you get stronger in no time.

With the “pushing” motion exercise settled in the bench press, we will now move on to the “pulling” motion. The deadlift remains the best exercise to perform when trying to build strength in your back and hamstrings. Not only does it strengthen those two body parts, but it also incorporates a lot of core work as you will be tightening it the more vertical you get with the weight. This exercise helps with posture as well since the proper form requires your back to be fully straight when executing this lift. Include deadlifts to your workouts to ensure you build that strong foundation in your lower back and hamstrings.

Finally, we have the squat. “Leg Day” is commonly known to strike fear into the hearts of bodybuilders and as a result, we have seen several cases of people with tremendous upper-body definition and poor lower-body definition. In order to get thunder thighs and glutes, squats are your answer. Your core also plays a big role in the squat exercise as it will need to be engaged during descent and ascension to support the weight you are carrying and also ensures that you are balanced throughout the process.

In order to fully maximize your muscle development, try to perform these lifts twice a week. These 3 exercises are essential to muscle strengthening and growth, which is precisely why they remain the 3 most popular workouts in the gym.

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